A Brief History.



(Some suggest that the 'G' in the title stands for geriatric). The club has its roots in the

Corbridge Cricket Club's annual pub knock-out competition. Having entered and been

knocked out of the competition each year in the first round, it was though that we might try

to extend our season by playing some friendly matches.

Thus in 1995 we obtained permission to use the Ovingham Middle School carpet upon

concrete wicket on summer Friday evenings, to play cricket. Initially it turned out to be

Ovingham v Ovington, perhaps nine a side, or even just picking two teams from whoever

turned up. Everyone had to bowl two overs, regardless of ability, the emphasis being upon

enjoyment, although each side always played to win.

We now have regular fixtures with the 'Gentlemen of Great Whittingham' and the 'Jolly

Fisherman' of Craster; our 'home' fixtures usually now played at Stocksfield.

The club motto 'Invitati Nec Selecti' (Invited not selected) does not indicate elitism, but

the means by which we old codgers still get a game! A youth policy, wgereby players

under 35 may be invited is under consideration, although we will take anyone if we are short on a match day.


The above piece was written by Ian MacAleer and appears in the book 'The Story of

Ovingham on Tyne' (c) Frank Atkinson with the author's permission and is published

by Northern Books (ISBN 0 953 5730 1 X).