As we all know, cricket is a non-contact sport. However, this usually refers to man-on-man.

The expression isn't meant to cover 'hard-cork-ball-travelling-very-fast-and-making-contact-with-the-human-body'.

Cricket is inherently a safe sport ... providing sensible safety precautions are taken.

So please take note of the anecdotes below and stay safe!


28 August 2005

The team was delighted that Michael scored the winning four ... but wished (as Michael did) that it had come off his bat and not his teeth.

Thankfully none of his teeth were lost and he made a full recovery.


8 June 2009

Colin nearly had someone out 'caught behind'.

Unfortunately, he caught his fingers in his trouser pocket and did some seriously painful damage to his left hand.

Moral of the story .... best to wear trousers without pockets when playing cricket.



15 September 2011

On this occasion, Ray tried to headbut a ball to the boundary having forgotten to put a helmet on.

He's now fully recovered and very keen to encourage all batsmen to wear a helmet.




25 March 2012

Oh dear! Not Colin again. This one is as a result of chatting with his back to the batsman during net practice.

Following this one, Colin says "Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, keep your eye on the ball."

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